The definitive treatment of groin pain in elite athletes

The Lloyd Release The Lloyd Release The Lloyd Release The Lloyd Release The Lloyd Release
David LLoyd

The Surgeon
Mr. David M Lloyd MBBS, MD, FRCS

The Lloyd Release Procedure

The Lloyd release procedure has been specifically developed to treat groin pain in elite and non-elite athletes. The majority of athletes do not have a hernia but do have pain arising from specific ligaments in the groin. Releasing these ligaments releases the tension and allows recovery within a few weeks.

More than one thousand athletes (both men and women) have now been treated with 97% of patients returning to their sport or activity within 4 weeks.

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American Hernia Society


The American Hernia Society in San Francisco:

Mr. David M. Lloyd, MD
Leicester, United Kingdom

Lecture entitled: The Inguinal Release Procedure for the Treatment of Groin Strain in Elite Athletes. San Francisco, USA, March 17, 2011

Glenn Murray

Glenn Murray

Last summer Glenn decided to seek treatment at Leicester General Hospital from David Lloyd, a consultant laparoscopic surgeon who specialises in groin problems among elite athletes.

This time the surgeon took a different approach by focusing not on the abdominal wall but on the inguinal ligament in the groin which can become strained by the wear and tear of playing sport.

Mr Lloyd says: “I believe many groin problems suffered by sportsmen and women are not hernias. The term ‘sportsman’s hernia’ is actually quite misleading.”

In a technique he has developed called The Lloyd Release Procedure he cuts the ligament to provide more flexibility for stretching, running and kicking. A permanent patch of the same type used in hernia operations, measuring 15cm by 12cm, reinforces the groin area.

Glenn was able to resume training and for the first time in two years, run and kick freely. The end result was his best season ever as Albion won League One and he scored 22 goals. Now it was the adulation of the Seagulls’ fans echoing around the ground.

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Daniel Defeats Pain

Fighting fit and back into training within just four weeks of the procedure

Daniel has studied Shotokan Karate under the KUGB - Karate Union of Great Britain and the JKA – Japan Karate Association for over 27 years. He trains at the famous Liverpool Red Triangle Karate Club. For the majority of Daniel’s sporting career he has been plagued by groin injury from strangulated and inguinal hernia’s to groin strains and suspected Sportman’s hernia. Weeks before a senior Dan grading Daniel suffered a groin strain. The release procedure was performed on his left groin releasing three ligaments. The results were immediate “I cannot tell you how thrilled I was after suffering for all these years with groin injury. Within days I was able to perform kicks with a full range of movement without suffering any restriction, pain or discomfort”. Daniel was back training within four weeks of the procedure – “I'm now back training performing kicking techniques I haven't been able to perform due to tightness in the groin for over ten years. “ This operation has changed my sporting life and overall quality of life”.      

Shane Williams

Wales and Ospreys Rugby Star

Shane continues to be a credit to rugby and to Wales. He played just a few weeks after surgery and could have played 14 days after the operation. The only reason for the delay was that he felt he should wait 6 or 8 weeks after the operation which is usual for other types of groin surgery. Once it was explained that there was no restriction whatsoever after a Lloyd's Release Procedure he was back training and playing for the Ospreys within days. He certainly remains one of the superstars of rugby and we wish him well with his continuing success.

Mr David Lloyd discusses the Release Procedure