Jamie Vardy

The Lloyd Release Procedure

The Lloyd release procedure has been specifically developed to treat groin pain in elite and non-elite athletes. The majority of athletes do not have a hernia but do have pain arising from specific ligaments in the groin. Releasing these ligaments releases the tension and allows recovery within a few weeks.

More than one thousand athletes (both men and women) have now been treated with 97% of patients returning to their sport or activity within 4 weeks.

The Surgeon
Professor David M Lloyd MBBS, MD, FRCS

Jamie Vardy - Lloyd Release

Jamie had a bilateral Lloyd Release Procedure in early January and was able to return to playing Premier League football eight days after surgery. He had surgery to both groins with mesh reinforcement using keyhole surgery. His physiotherapist, Dave Rennie, was closely involved in his rehabilitation and the whole medical team helped him to return to top flight football.

"I was suffering from groin pain before Christmas. I had my surgery in January and was able to play a week later against Tottenham. I am very grateful to Prof Lloyd for getting me back playing football so quickly. I only missed one match. Brilliant" Jamie Vardy

Is Groin Pain Restricting Your Performance?

Groin pain is a common complaint amongst sportsmen and women and members of the public alike. It affects many athletes, and particularly those participating in sports involving kicking, rapid acceleration and deceleration, and sudden changes of direction. It has been shown to be a regular occurrence amongst football, rugby and hockey players but any athlete could develop this condition, and it has been suffered by cricketers, marathon runners, equestrian eventers, baseball players and ice-hockey players to name but a few.


Professor David Lloyd discusses the Release Procedure